Genesis 8

Noah and his family were ‘all adrift’, far above the earth, but the Lord remembered them.

Genesis 9

God repeated the command to Adam to multiply and fill the earth. God made a covenant with both man and beast to never again use a flood to destroy the entire earth.

Genesis 10

This chapter traces the lines of Japheth Shem and Ham, beginning with Japheth.

Genesis 11

The parallels and contrasts with Acts 2 are clear. When the 120 disciples were all together in one accord, in one place, seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Genesis 6

The opening verses speak of strange marriages on earth between beautiful young women and non-human beings that produced offspring of unusual strength and fame.

Genesis 7

We are not told how long it took Noah and his sons to build the ark. Yet we could reason that it was arguably 100 years at most and probably less.