Everyone spoke one language and moved toward Shinar. They made bricks and planned a great city with the world’s first skyscraper. The Lord saw that one language and one purpose would make anything possible, but He did not approve of their intention, “to make a name for ourselves” and so as not to be separated. The Lord said, “Come let us go down..” and the Lord came down and confused their languages; the construction of Babel was halted; and men were scattered from there all over the earth.

The parallels and contrasts with Acts 2 are clear. When the 120 disciples were all together in one accord, in one place, seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the Lord came down, they were all baptised and with God’s seal of approval visitors to Jerusalem from many nations each heard the gospel in their own tongue and then they were scattered all over the earth in order to spread the gospel. Yet the Holy Spirit is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33) but rather the One who makes everything clear (John 14:26). Now see this in the lineage.


Notice that Noah died only 2 years before Abram was born. See how God allows the baton to pass between 2 great patriarchs with barely a pause. A coincidence? Not likely!

Lord, surely the times of humans and nations are in Your hands. May I surrender to Your will and align myself to Your timing.

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