Genesis 8

Noah and his family were ‘all adrift’, far above the earth, but the Lord remembered them.

Genesis 9

God repeated the command to Adam to multiply and fill the earth. God made a covenant with both man and beast to never again use a flood to destroy the entire earth.

Genesis 10

This chapter traces the lines of Japheth Shem and Ham, beginning with Japheth.

Genesis 11

The parallels and contrasts with Acts 2 are clear. When the 120 disciples were all together in one accord, in one place, seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Genesis 12

We need to understand that God had first called Abram whilst he was still in Ur of Chaldees, and he had only part obeyed God’s call.

Genesis 13

Abram and Lot had both prospered so much in Egypt that Abram suggested that they should split up, rather than stay together and witness their herdsmen continue to fight over limited grazing lands.

Genesis 14

This chapter tells the story of a regional king, Cherdorlaomer of Elam who had been collecting tribute for 12 years from the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Genesis 16

This chapter follow hard on the heels of Abram having believed the Lord’s promise of innumerable descendants

Genesis 1

The opening chapter of the Bible is potentially the most studied chapter of all. It gives a short summary of creation that some would argue encompasses 14 billion years and others just 6 days.

Genesis 2

Genesis 2 should be seen as a ‘flashback and zoom in’ scene beginning at day 6 of creation.